The 3 Best Adult Sex Chats You Should Use in 2019

An introduction to the Best Adult Sex Chats

Adult sex hotlines are arguably the best way to meet gorgeous singles who are up for insane sexual conversations in your area and other cities. These hotlines are meant for guys and girls who know what they want. There is no need for enrolling for other general chat lines and going through the hustle of filtering through the callers with varying interests. Not when we have chat lines that are flooding with fellow horny and naughty singles that want to get down to some intense phone sex from the get-go.

The best part about having dozens of hotlines out there is that the users are spoilt of choices. Sure, it may be challenging to identify the best out of them, but having options has always been better. For instance, you can choose to go for a general adult chat line that accommodates people of different backgrounds, cultures, and sexual orientations, or you could narrow down your search to more specific lines. In the same way, you can choose from a variety of super erotic hotlines or to some wilder chat lines that incorporate stuff such as webcams, sex toys, and so on. No one will judge you here, plus the lines provide complete anonymity.

Remember, all these hotlines exist because there is a demand, which means that whichever type of hotline you go for, there will always be other callers on the lines looking for the same experience.

What Are the Best Adult Sex Chats?

Adult sex hotlines offer an uncensored platform where singles get a chance to be naughty. It doesn’t matter whether you just want a hot sexual conversation with no commitment or one that can lead to a long term commitment. You, as the caller, get to choose what you want. Some people are on these hotlines to have mere fun while others are open to a relationship or more. All you have to do is stay confident and be transparent about what you want. Get a hot dude or chic and talk about your fantasies, what turns you on and what gets your juices flowing — no need to hold anything back. In no time, you’ll find yourself attracting people who are into that kind of stuff. That’s how fantasies turn into realities.

So, which of the many different sex chat lines can deliver such an experience? In this review, we’ve covered the very best of chat lines. Our selection was informed by various factors, including the number of active callers, privacy, and safety to the users and prices. We also went through the user reviews to see what other callers have to say about the lines. In the end, we were left with the following chat lines.

RedHot Dateline Chat Line

RedHot Dateline is not your typical chat line. It is the highest-rated chat line in North America for very good reasons. The chat line is here to connect you with singles in your area and beyond for some red hot conversations. They have everything figured out. First of all, you are guaranteed full anonymity, which is brilliant as it allows you to say everything you want without sugarcoating it. No one will know who you are, your phone number, or address. All the shy girls and guys can, therefore, strike down their shells and lay down their deep desires.

Secondly, you will love RedHot Dateline for its impressive coverage. The chat line has been around since 1990. It has, therefore, been here long before sliding in the DMs was a thing, and guess what? It is still one of the best places to meet a playmate and even a lover. Over the years, The RedHot Dateline has spread to cover an even bigger audience. At the moment, the chat line is available in entire North America. This means that you are not just limited to the people in your city, but you can also explore way beyond that. If you think about it, the only thing that can restrict you from having the best time of your life here is yourself.

A chat line would be utterly useless if security is not guaranteed. RedHot Dateline has you covered in that sector as well. Other than assuring anonymity, they’ve also set up measures to protect your information against fraudsters and identity thieves. They accept different kinds of payments, all of which are fully encrypted. What’s more, they’ve also given the callers the control over who they want to interact with. Other callers are allowed to send you messages after listening to your greeting, but they can only get a one-on-one connection to you once you’ve accepted their requests. Is someone becoming abusive or making you uncomfortable? Go ahead and block them, and they’ll never reach you again. Or better yet, report them, and RedHot Dateline operators will handle the issue right away.

Other Notable Features of RedHot Dateline

  • Ladies can join for free
  • Men get a free trial that comes with all the features
  • Earn fun rewards and bonus chat times
  • Online accounts for easy management of your chat time
  • Offline messaging
  • Different payment options including PayPal, credit card and Cash via Western Union


Masturline is the afterhours kind of chat line. It accommodates all the horny guys and girls that are looking for sexual conversations and nothing else. In fact, the operators term it as the masturbation chat line, and that should tell you everything you need to know really. And no, the chat line does not payphone operators, and neither do they use bots. It connects you to real people who are as horny as you are. You can call in and control the conversations the way you like it. Find someone you feel a connection with, initiate the conversation, and let your desires take over. There is no need to pretend here, and neither do you have to ask what the caller wants but rather, how they want it. Just let your voice tear through their bodies like a sword and awaken the sleeping, sexual giant inside her. Likewise, if you are a lady and you take satisfaction in hearing men cum, Masturline is the chat line for you.

The fact that Masturline links you to real people also means that you are free to take things outside the chat line. This gives you a rare opportunity of exploring your sexual fantasies in person. That’s something you cannot get from the hotlines that use paid operators. However, Masturline does not assume responsibility for in-person meetups, so you have to take care of yourself.

Other Notable Features of Masturline

  • Ladies can join for free
  • Men get a block of 60-minutes for a free trial
  • 24/7 customer support team
  • Available across the US and Canada
  • Ad-free
  • You can create a hotlist and have faster access to the people you like
  • The service is private, secure and anonymous


LiveLinks is one of the oldest chat lines in North America. The line has been operational for almost three decades now boasting coverage in more than 1300 cities. This makes the chat line very busy, and that’s a great thing because the likelihood of finding someone you share interests with is much higher. 

LiveLinks is not like Masturline, though. This chat line has a more conservative approach. This is not to mean that it is strict on the conversation you can have, but rather, it is a bit less erotic but still naughty enough for you to explore your sexual desires.

LiveLinks gives you the freedom to decide what you want. Through the greeting, you can record who you are – you shouldn’t give your full details – and what you are looking for. If you want flirtation and nothing else, that’s alright. It’s also okay if you want to flirt, and you’re open to the idea of meeting someone special. You have all the power to customize your experience the way you like it, and once you find someone you like, you can request a private connection and have real-time conversations.

Notable Features of LiveLinks

  • It’s totally free to join for the ladies
  • The gents will get a generous free trial
  • Offline messaging
  • You can create hotlists
  • Record and save greetings
  • Ad-free
  • Safe and private
  • Payments are always encrypted

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