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The 3 Black Chat Line Numbers You Should Call in 2019

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Are you an African American looking to reignite your sex life? Perhaps you are just a beautiful black chic looking for a long term relationship, and you’re really tired of chatting up dudes through dull online dating websites? Or maybe you are a dude looking for a playmate that can match your kinky taste? 

We can all agree that discussing some fantasies in person can be very difficult or even impossible. What will she think of me? Will he think I’m a slut or something? I’m just too shy to face a guy and say how I really like it in bed. All these are fears shared among so many people in the black community and beyond. The good news here is that you no longer have to let your deep desires die inside you. Not when you can chat up with like-minded individuals in complete anonymity. This is what black chat lines offer you.

Through these chat lines, you get to share your wildest fantasies without feeling any shame. That’s because the users are guaranteed complete privacy. None of your details are ever shared with anyone on the chat lines. Imagine what you could do with this anonymity. Doesn’t it make it easier for you to communicate your desires? And not by text or email, but through a live chat. A live voice chat where you can feel the energy and desires of the person on the other end of the phone! By the time you’re meeting someone from the chat line, they already know how kinky you are. They already know if it’s love you want or just a fun time and that’s it. This ultimately gets rid of the awkward moments, shyness, or any embarrassments that you always face when trying to communicate with someone in person.

So, what are some of the best black chat line numbers?


Vibeline is the biggest African American chat line in North America. The chat line has been around since 1990. It’s been almost three decades now, and it’s still one of the best places to meet hot black singles. All the new dating sites found it, and some of them fell, leaving the chat line around. That speaks volumes of just how incredible the chat line really is.

First, one of the best ways to gain your customer’s trust is by making them feel secure. Vibeline has set up all the right measures to make sure that user safety and privacy are never compromised. From the registration process, payment processing to how you use the chat line. The signup process is very safe and yet straightforward. It allows you to get started as soon as possible but not at the price of your vital information. Next, all payments done to Vibeline are encrypted. This serves to protect your credit card details against fraudsters and all that.

On top of that, Vibeline operators were thoughtful enough to make sure that the payment does not appear as Vibeline on your credit card statements. Should anyone get a hold of the statements, they won’t know that the payments were made to Vibeline. Finally, Vibeline gives you control of who you want to talk to on the chat line. If someone is becoming clingy or abusive, you can simply block them with a single button. Even better, you could decide to flag them to help Vibeline keep the chat lines secured.

Security aside, Vibeline operators have done an impressive job to give you the ultimate chat line experience. First, through a greeting, you can record and say what exactly it is you are looking for. This helps you to narrow down your audience, and with it, the chances of getting the right person increase. 

The chat lines are also uncensored. This is your cue to drop the mask and be yourself. Say what you want comfortably and sit back. In a few moments, you will receive requests from guys seeking the very same experience. Even better, you can do the search yourself. Review greetings from the thousands of callers, find someone you like, and initiate a conversation. You can even request a private chat and get as dirty as you want. Vibeline also allows you to turn your fantasies into a reality. After chatting with someone for some time and once you’ve known them enough, you can go ahead and meet off the chat line. Who knows, you might just meet your soulmate on here! Always remain careful when meeting people outside the chat line, though.

Vibeline Pros

  • Ladies can join Vibeline for free
  • The gents will get a free trial
  • Paid membership comes with benefits like ad-free chatting, access to the chat line from any phone, saving offline messages, creating a hotlist, etc.

Vibeline Cons

  • The free trial doesn’t include premium features plus the lines can be very busy for the members on a free trial


YummyVibe is another incredible chat line that allows African-Americans to find, converse, and connect with like-minded individuals in their local area and beyond. Yummyvibe services are available across North America, with the operators boasting coverage of over 2000 communities. Remember, the bigger the coverage, the higher the chances that you will find the special person that you can connect with at deeply intimate levels. The platform is filled with real people interested in different stuff, and hence, you can’t miss one whose riding on the same wavelength that you are. It’s all up to you and what you really need.

YummyVibe is also a very secure and discrete platform. The operators are always keen to make sure that the data remains confidential at all times. All you have to do is make sure that you are also careful in your conversations. Avoid sharing your information with people you’ve only known for a short time. If you find someone you really like and want to meet up with, ensure that you do so carefully to avoid putting yourself in danger.

YummyVibe Pros

  • Very easy to join
  • Free for the ladies
  • All new male members get a free trial
  • Affordable packages

YummyVibe Cons

  • The free trial is very limited
  • You must continuously remain keen in your conversations to avoid sharing your information


Black Singlez is a highly engaging chat line where hot black singles get a chance to connect. This chat line makes it easier for you to meet gorgeous babes through a single phone call instead of going out to the club and spending the better part of the night wondering whether the cute ladies on the next table are out looking for guys or they’re merely out for a girl’s night out before they head back home to their husbands. At Black Singlez, you meet real singles who are looking for a connection just like you are. Some could be up for spontaneous fun, while others are more committed to a serious thing. Whatever you are interested in, Black Singlez has just the perfect match for you.

The chat line never sleeps. You can call in at any time, and you’ll still find a good share of guys and girls who are up for sexy conversations. Take your time and record a confident greeting about who you are and what you are open to. This is what the other calls will hear from you, so keep it exciting and super sexy. You can send private messages and receive replies at any time. If you are interested in someone, you can request for a private connection. In case you connect with someone, and they turn out to be creepy, or if you just lose interest in them, you can decide to block the user. If someone is abusive in any way, you can report them, and the customer support team will handle it right away.

All the ladies can join BlackSinglez free of charge! There are no hidden fees here or anything. You will get access to all the premium features of Black Singlez without paying a single coin. For the men, you will receive a free trial of 60 minutes to familiarize yourself with the chat line, after which you must enroll for a package to continue using the chat line. The plans start for as low as $9.99.

BlackSinglez Pros

  • Using the chat line is straightforward
  • Wide coverage
  • Very confidential

BlackSinglez Cons

  • Free trial members may have to deal with busy signal issues, especially at peak hours, which is a massive disadvantage because that’s when everyone else is online.

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