Fonochat Review 2019: Is this chatline worth your time?

An introduction to Fonochat

Fonochat has been around since 1990. It is one of the most prominent chat lines in North America that connects Hispanics who are in search of fun or something special. The chat line is available for Latinas and Latinos, making it one of the best places to meet someone you share the same cultural background with. No more struggling to connect with someone you have absolutely nothing in common with!

For that reason, Fonochat accommodates both English and Spanish speakers. This makes it easier for everyone to communicate in a language they are more comfortable with. This comfort allows you to express your fantasies and feelings, thus making it easier to get and connect with the right person for your taste.

Fonochat does not hire any operators to handle the calls. When using this chat line, you’ll speak to actual people who are also out in search of that special other. Not a robot or a model paid to keep you entertained. The voices are as real as the person on the call. You’ll have all the time to learn about the person you are talking to. You can then make a judgment on whether they match your taste or not. If they do, you can proceed to start private chats and who knows; maybe a simple chat could turn into something special and long-term!

How to Join Fonochat?

Joining Fonochat is super easy, and that’s not even the best part. The chat line has an extensive presence, and this gives it a plus over its competitors. 

To join, you should visit the Fonochat website to see the local phone number for your area. You will get your number by keying in your local area code and clicking the section “Get my number.” In case there is no local number for your area, you can still call in using the 1-800 number. After calling in, the voice prompt will guide you through the rest of the process. It is that simple.

Fonochat Membership for Women

Ladies can join Fonochat free of charge. You’ll be able to call in at any time and talk to any of the hot guys you fancy.

To get started, you need to get your local number from the website. You can then follow the voice prompt to set that you are a female. It will proceed to give you some information on the benefits of membership. After that, you can start recording your greetings. With your greetings set, you can listen to some of the greetings from other hot dudes. Respond to the messages you like and start chatting right away.

Female Fonochat users are free to call at any time. However, you should sign up for free membership, which comes with more perks for a better experience. For instance, the membership allows the ladies to save their greetings between calls, keep a favorites list, and store messages.

Fonochat Membership for Men

Fonochat offers a free trial for men before they have to enroll in a paid membership package. The free trial is a huge advantage as it gives you the opportunity to try out the chat and see whether it meets your needs before you’re forced to pay for membership. Oh, and they don’t require any credit card information or email address to get you started on a free trial.

Each line can only have one free trial. If you’ve used the line with Fonochat before, (it doesn’t matter how long ago that was), you won’t get another trial.

After the free trial, you can enroll in any of the affordable packages on offer. The plans start at $4.99 for 10 minutes, $9.99 for 60 minutes, and $29.99 for 120 minutes. For the new subscribers, the 30-minutes block is doubled, so you’ll receive 60 minutes for the price of $9.99. This is definitely the best package you should start with as it gives you more value for your money. You won’t get double the minutes in the subsequent subscriptions, though.

Making payments to Fonochat is safe and private. The order is secured by SSL. They also offer different payment options ranging from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal to Cash through Western Union. Payments done to Fonochat will always appear as “Teligence” on credit card statements, and hence, you don’t have to worry about privacy.

What are the Benefits of Paid Fonochat Membership?

Why should Latinos pay to use Fonochat? Why should the Latinas enroll for the free membership?

Fonochat membership comes with so many benefits.

First, you’ll never have to wait in the queue to get in touch with the customer support team. That’s because membership gives you the priority, and hence, you’ll have your issues solved almost right away. This means less time dealing with customer service and more time chatting the gorgeous Latinas.

Other than giving you first-class customer service experience, you will also receive priority access to Fonochat chat lines. We started by pointing out that Fonochat is one of the biggest Hispanic chat lines in North America. This means that the chat lines can get extremely busy on certain days or times. This can result in difficulties in joining the chat lines. With a paid membership, you will never struggle to join the chat lines regardless of how busy they are. You will never even notice that there is traffic on the chat lines. Perhaps the only difference you will experience is an increased number of hot singles replying to your greetings.

A paid membership allows you to access Fonochat from any phone. You can call from anywhere without any issues. This basically gives you constant access to Fonochat, which is excellent as it keeps your chats going.

When you finally get that interesting Latina, you’ll always want to keep the conversations going. This can be problematic if renewal is not done promptly. Paid memberships give you fast renewal to make sure that the conversation never dies. The chat line will hold the call for you as you quickly add minutes and pick up the conversation from where you left off while the atmosphere is still captivating.

Your private messages will have priority ahead of the ones from the men on the free trial. The messages are delivered a lot faster.

Membership will also save your greetings. This is a great benefit to both the men and women with a Fonochat membership. You will never have to record one every time you call. Instead, you will get into chatting directly.

Fonochat has a loyalty program for users with paid membership. This program rewards loyal users with bonus chat time. By using Fonochat for a long time, you will start enjoying these rewards, which will help you save a few dollars on top of enhancing your entire experience.

Ads can be very annoying, especially when you are in the middle of a crazy chat with a sweet Latina. The last thing you’d want at this point is a distraction in the form of an ad. With a paid membership, you’ll never have to listen to any ads during your calls or in chats.

Members can also manage their accounts from the Fonochat website. This gives you access to your minutes with the option of checking your balance and adding more minutes.

Is Fonochat Safe?

Fonochat has put up several safety measures to make sure that the safety and privacy of users are never compromised. For this reason, Fonochat does not share any of your personal information with other members. Any information that you will submit while processing your order remains private. With respect to user privacy, Fonochat will also not do any background checks on its users. This helps to protect the users, but it also means that the users will have the responsibility of staying safe from other Fonochat users. It’s hence advisable to avoid oversharing your personal data with other members, be it on the greeting or in the private chats. You’re also advised to take your time in knowing the person you are connecting with before you decide to meet up. In case you feel something is not right, you have the choice of blocking the user or leaving in case you had to meet up. You should always meet up in public places. It’s also a good idea to tell someone you know that you’re meeting a lady or dude from Fonochat and the location of the meet. Remember that Fonochat does not bear responsibility for any safety or privacy issues that occur while meeting people off the chat line.

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