Interactive Male Review: Pro’s & Con’s of this chatline

An introduction to Interactive Male Review

Interactive Male is one of the best chat lines where men meet with other real men (not paid phone operators) who are looking for friendship, a shot fling, or long term commitments. This gay chat line has been around for well over 25 years now, and it’s still going strong. The lines are filled with thousands of men from different corners of the world. If you are looking for a potential lover near you, you’ll have lots of choices at your disposal. If you are visiting a new city and you want a guy to show you around or even have fun for a weekend with no string attached, Interactive Male has you covered. If you are the commitment guy, don’t shy away from admitting that. Remain confident and let other callers know precisely what you are into. That’s how you attract the right person.

Speaking of the right person, Interactive Male, offers an uncensored experience. Since people out here are looking for different experiences, there is no need to limit what they can or cannot say. For that reason, this chat line is free for you to get into the finer details of your sexual fantasies and all that. After finding someone you click with, you can request a connection and start a private chat. Combine this privacy and the guaranteed total anonymity, and what you get is the perfect opportunity to talk about your wildest fantasies with a like-minded hot dude. So, how do I join in on the fun?

How to Join Interactive Male?

Joining Interactive Male is nothing more than dialing a number. All you have to do is get onto the website and request for your local number. From the Home page, you will see a segment on Find My Number. Enter your area code and press on that section, and your local number will come up almost instantly. In case you cannot get this number, which is highly unlikely given the chat line covers virtually the whole North American region, you can call in using the general access number 1-800-698-6986.

There is good news for all the newcomers here because all first-time callers are given a free trial of 60 minutes! And no, you don’t need to submit your credit card details to claim your free trial. However, the number you use to claim the free trial must not have been used on interactive Male before.

To claim your free trial, call the local or access number. A voice prompt will ask you to choose your language since Interactive Male is available in both English and Hispanic. This means that all the Spanish dude are also well catered for. Upon selecting your language, you may be prompt for a membership number. Don’t panic, just press #. A quick background check will be done on the number to confirm that it has never received a free trial package before. After the check, you will receive your free trial immediately. You can then use it to set up your account and navigate the chat line. The free 60 minutes are never going to be enough – obviously, because the chat line is very active and exciting – but it is sufficient enough to create your profile, listen to some sweet guy’s voices and learn how the whole thing works.

Here is the thing though, you can only use the free trial from the one number that you used to claim it. This may be limiting, but it isn’t much of a drawback. After all, all chat lines with free trials have the very same rule. To avoid inconveniences, I’d advise you to use your cell phone number to claim the package. That way, you’ll face fewer limitations since you can carry the phone with you everywhere, unlike using the landline from your office or at home. Bear in mind that the free trial expires after 7 days, though, so make good use of it as quickly as you can.

Once you’ve exhausted your free trial, you’ll need to pay to continue using the chat line and enjoy the perks that come with full membership. The Interactive Male packages are very considerate. Given the popularity of the chat line, I’d actually say that they are more than fair.

  • 10 minutes – $4.99
  • 32 minutes – $10.50 (64 minutes for the first time purchase)
  • 90 minutes – $29.99

Note that the 32 minutes package is doubled to 64 minutes for the price of 32 minutes. This is an offer given to all first-time buyers coming from the free trial. I’d definitely recommend that you grab this offer as your first purchase.

What payment options are available, and Are the transactions safe?

Interactive Male offers different payment options. You can pay using a debit or credit card where they accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. Discover is available for US residents only, though.

Apart from credit and debit cards, you can also pay using Pre-Paid credit card, PayPal, and cash via Western Union. You can also pay through check-by-phone, but this option is available for US residents only.

Paying via credit cards attract several deals so you may want to utilize this option over the others.

You have nothing to worry about as far as security goes because all payments are encrypted. Your credit and debit card statements won’t contain any details regarding who received the payment. They will only read as “TELIGENCE” and not Interactive Male. That way, even if someone was to get a hold of your statements, they’ll never know where the payment went to. Secondly, all the details in the payment are kept safe and secured in the billing department. No fraudsters will ever get a hold of it, and none of the details found here – including the phone number – will be leaked to the chat lines.

What are the Benefits of Interactive Male Membership?

Let’s be honest, 60 minutes is far from enough when you are talking to someone you really like. At some point, you will run out of the free trial, and you will have to ask yourself, is the paid membership really worth it? Why should I choose to pay for this particular provider and not any other gay chat line?

Well, other than having a wide audience of out-going men, Interactive Male membership will also come with several other perks including:

  • A Loyalty program – Interactive Male has a loyalty program that rewards callers with bonus chat time. All you have to do to earn the rewards is to continue using the chat line like you always do.
  • Enjoy the Breakfast Club every morning – The breakfast club is a popular program where all paid members to get to make free calls on the chat line from 6 am to 7 am. Use this to kick start your playmate’s day on a high. It could also help you sort your morning wood issues free of charge 😉
  • Priority messages – Messages from the paid members will always be delivered before those from the guys on a free trial.
  • Saved greetings and other features – Paid members won’t have to record every time they get onto the chat line. Instead, the greetings are saved, and hence, you can start chatting right away.
  • Access from any phone – Paid members can call in at any time, from anywhere and using any phone. You’ll no longer be limited to the phone number you used to claim your free trial.
  • Ad-free – Your interactions will never be interrupted by ads, as is the case with the free trial.
  • Speedy Renewal – Adding minutes is super easy and very fast. The chat line will also hold the call for you in case you run out of minutes while in the middle of a heated conversation.
  • Access and manage your account from the web self-service – You can conveniently access your account through the web service, see your balance and add minutes.
  • Mailbox – A mailbox allows you to record and save greetings for other guys. These greetings will remain available for other callers to listen to and respond to even when you are offline.

How to Use Interactive Male

Using the Interactive Male is very easy. After setting up your account and recording your greeting, the rest of the actions can be accessed from your keypad. Here is the action performed by each number:

  1. Request Connection
  2. Send Message
  3. Play Next Greeting
  4. Add or Remove Hot List
  5. Begin Local Greetings
  6. Play the Previous Greeting
  7. Block Caller
  8. Location
  9. Repeat Greeting

*-   Help
#-   Exit

Is Interactive Male Safe?

Interactive Male has done everything to ensure user safety from their end. All the crucial data they collect from you during sign up and in processing payments is always kept safe and secure. The only thing left is for you to exercise caution while using the chat line. Don’t let excitement get the best of you, though. Always remain vigilant on the personal information you are sharing on the chat lines. Avoid exposing your details on the greetings. You should also be careful about what information you are sharing on private chats. Use common sense and take things slow, especially when it comes to in-person meetups. Take your time and know the guy before agreeing for a physical meeting. When you finally decide to meet, ensure that it is in a public and safe space. You can also let a few of your colleagues know that you are meeting a new person and the location of the meeting.

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