Latino Voices Chat Line Review 2019 : Pro’s & Con’s

An introduction to Latino Voices Chat Line

Latino Voices is one of the several Latin chat lines in the US. These lines are competing to hook up sexy single Latinas with other Latinos from their local area and beyond. They are not all similar, though. They all aim at the same thing, but the experience is never the same. Based on how the chat lines are operated and the number of callers, one chat line could be better than the other. Where do Latino Voices fall in all this?

The first good news here is that Latino Voices has a very commanding presence nationwide. The chat line has local numbers for cities across all the 51 states. Besides that, they have an access number that you can use to call in with should you not find a local number for your specific area. The extensive coverage is an excellent thing in several ways. For one, since the chat line is serving more than 2000 communities, you are guaranteed to find Latin Americans of different cultures. Secondly, the wide coverage means that the chat line is never lacking as far as callers go. You could call in at any time of the day, and there’ll still be a good number of hot singles trying to find someone who’s down for a heated conversation. Wide coverage translates to a bigger audience. A bigger audience means finding someone who’s looking for the same thing that you are is much easier.

The best part about Latino Voices is the anonymity it gives callers. None of your details are ever disclosed on the chat line. All the information you’ll submit in the billing process is always kept discreet. Not only does this safeguard you from potential fraudsters on the chat line, but it also allows you to express yourself without feeling shy or embarrassed in any way. You can speak about what it is you really want without the fear of being judged. Whether it is a friendship, a onetime date, a playmate, or even a lover, just speak it out, and you’ll definitely receive requests from callers who are looking for a similar experience.

These are just but some of the reasons why you should consider using Latino Voices over most of the other chat lines. But, what else do you need to know about Latino Voices? What are some of the features that it has to offer? How about the prices; are they worth it?

How to Join Latino Voices?

The signup process here is straightforward. Actually, all it takes is visiting the official Latino Voices website and click on the free trial section. This will redirect you to another page where you can enter your area code to receive a local number for your area. If you cannot find your local number, you can use the access number 888-415-0808.

All new members are given a free trial. This should introduce you to the chat line and everything there is to it. It will also help you set up your account, which is very easy, and listen to a couple of greetings from other callers in your area.

Don’t expect too much from the free trial, though. Other than giving you a short block of minutes, you will also be limited to just the one phone number. You won’t be able to access the chat line from any other number. You must also make sure that the number has never received a free trial from Latino Voices before.

Latino Voices Packages

The good news here for the ladies is that the chat line is totally free. Not for a limited period or a particular phone number, but they can access and use the chat line from anywhere, at any time, and with any phone. So basically, you’re allowed to meet, interact, and even meet a long term partner without paying a thing.

For the guys, all you get is a short free trial, after which you must subscribe to continue using the chat line. They have three plans:

  • 10 minutes – $4.99
  • 30 minutes – $9.99 (60 minutes if you are a new subscriber)
  • 100 minutes – $29.99

Latino Voices accepts payments from all the major credit cards. This includes MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover. They also accept payments through

On the bright side, all the payments are always encrypted and discrete. All the transactions take place in their secure server, so you don’t have to worry about third parties gaining access to your credit card details. The information is also kept secured in their billing department. Under no circumstance will they end up in the chat lines to compromise your privacy.

How to Use Latino Voices?

The first thing you do after getting your free trial is recording your greeting. This is a short voice message where you record a brief introduction about yourself. You can say who you are – you don’t have to mention all your names – and what you are looking for. No need to say where you are. Other callers will hear this greeting in your area. It’s also through these greetings that other interested individuals will respond to, so you want to make them comprehensive – on what it is you want – and interesting to grab people’s attention. Once you are done recording, you can go ahead and listen to greetings from other callers. Take your time and explore the different callers to find one whose interests match with your own. When you come across such a greeting, you can send them a message and request a connection. They will then receive your message and either confirm or reject the connection. It’s as simple as that.

The beauty with Latino Voices is that it gives you a private connection where you can drive the conversation about how you like it. Say, for instance, you are interested in a kinky sexual encounter, and you made that clear in your greeting. When you finally meet a like-minded babe and get into the private chat, you are free to talk as dirty as you want. You can explore your fantasies all you want, and no one else, other than your partner on the other end, will know about it, and neither will the chat line regulators stop you. It’s what you like, and Latino Voices is dedicated to giving you just that. Just make sure that you play by the rules i.e., without being abusive to the other callers.

Navigating through the chat line is quick and easy, thanks to simple keypad shortcuts. This is what each keypad does

  1. Request Connection
  2. Send Message
  3. Play Next Greeting
  4. Add/Remove from Hotlist
  5. Re-record your Greeting
  6. Play the Previous Greeting
  7. Begin Local Greetings
  8. Block Caller
  9. Repeat Greeting

*-   Help/Assistance
#-   Exit Menu

Is Latino Voices Safe?

Absolutely? Latino Voices has taken every measure to ensure complete user safety. All the payment transactions are fully secured. Secondly, no personal data is ever made public on the chat line. All the details you provide, such as your name, address, and telephone number, remain confidential. Lastly, with the Block and Help keypad shortcuts, you can exercise your own safety by controlling who you are talking to and even report any guy or girl that’s becoming problematic.

With all the above measures in place, the only thing left is for you to exercise common sense and make sure that you don’t compromise your safety. This can be done by avoiding to share personal data on the greeting and also in your private chats with people that you’ve barely had enough time to know them.

You should also know that Latino Voices does not assume any responsibility for in-person meetings. You are free to meet people from the chat line, but you have to take care of yourself.

So, Why Latino Voices?

Here is a short recap for you, Latino Voices is an incredible chat line for all Latinas and Latinos that want to have fun with real people at any time of the day. It is a fantastic platform for so many reasons, including ease of use and guaranteed anonymity and security. It’s also a very popular chat line with lots of users throughout the US and Canada. All this comes together to give you a remarkable experience, and that’s why it is worth giving a shot.

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