Masturline Review 2019: Pro’s & Con’s of this Chatline

Introduction to Masturline

Masturline is for all the guys and ladies who want to get off right away without wasting any time. No need for faking emotional connections or beating around the bush. You just pick the phone and get into contact with a hot single who is as horny as you are and get down to the business right away. 

Very few chat lines offer this kind of service. We know of chat lines that are censored and all that, but that’s not the case when it comes to Masturline. This chat line allows you to be yourself. It gives you the perfect platform to express what you really like and how you like it. It then connects you with gorgeous babes in your area or other cities who are into the same wild stuff as you are. No judgments are passed here. It’s all about consenting adults having real fun without pretend about anything.

The beauty with Masturline is it guarantees complete anonymity to its users. You sign up to be a member, and none of your details will be shared with other users. Not your real name, address, or phone number. With full anonymity, you get all the freedom in the world to keep it dirty and naughty. You can even get into the finer details of your sexual fantasies and adventures without getting into any sort of trouble.

So, why go through the trouble of the talking-stage and faking a connection in love or dating chat lines when you know you’re just horny? Why waste so much time texting kinky stuff on the traditional dating sites and apps when you can steam things up with actual sexy voices as your hands run through your tender cleavage, thighs, and all over your body? With the option of Masturline on the table, you really don’t have to put yourself through unnecessary and probably pointless conversations when all you want is for the juices to flow.

How Do I join Masturline?

Masturline is available throughout North America. You can visit their website to get the number which you’ll call to set up your account and jump into the action. The whole process is very straightforward, plus there is a voice prompt that guides you through. Call in and record a steamy greeting talking about what you like and so on. Once you are done recording, you can start exploring greetings of the other Masturline users. Find someone you think you can hit it off with and send them a message.

Masturline also allows you to create a hotlist with all the people you like. This will make it easier for you to communicate with them. For instance, you will always get a notification when someone in your hotlist is online, plus you can book calls.

Masturline members have the option of interacting with guys or girls from their local area. They use your local area code for that. In case you don’t find anyone interesting there or if you want to explore other cities, you can also secure a chat line for that. Nothing is holding you from having the best time here.

Ladies can join Masturline for free. It is not a limited offer or anything. It is free to call at any time and talk for as long as you want. This gives you the opportunity to talk dirty all you want and at your own pace to get the intense orgasms you like without feeling like you are running out of talk time.

For the fellas, you’ll have to pay to get the full experience that Masturline has to offer. Before all that, you’ll be given a free no-string-attached trial of 5 minutes, which I found very short. The minutes will start counting down as soon as you are done recording your greeting. It’s very easy to find you’ve exhausted all the minutes before you’ve even gone through 2 or 3 greetings, let alone replying to them. You can use this as a teaser to see what to expect and to determine whether Masturline is your cup of tea or not.

The free trial is available on one phone only. This is the line that you will use in setting up your account. You’ll need to pay for full membership if you want to access Masturline from any phone.

Masturline offers three packages:

  • 83 minutes – $25
  • 200 minutes – $50
  • 475 minutes – $95

These minutes start to run down after recording your greeting. You should also know that if you stay inactive for more than 3 months, your account will be deactivated. Any unused minutes will be deleted, and you won’t get any refund. So, make sure you exhaust the minutes if you think you won’t be able to access the chat line for some time.

How to Use Masturline

Using Masturline is as simple as it is joining. You can access all the essential actions right from the keypad. This is what each button does:

1 – Connect. If you’ve heard an interesting greeting and you want to get in touch with the caller, press 1.

2 – Send a message. Press 2 to record and send a message to a member you are interested in.

3 – Skip a greeting. You don’t have to endure greetings that don’t match your energy. Press 3 to skip them immediately. This will come in very handy when you want to save your minutes for someone you’re on the same wavelength with.

4 – Listen to the last message you sent to a particular member.

5 – Say you come across a sexy voice, and as you rush to press 2 to send a message, you end up pressing 3 for skip greeting! Button 5 will help you undo the damage as it will play the previous greeting.

6 – Block a member. This is useful in case you end up interacting with someone clingy. It will block the member, thus giving you some space to get someone who is intriguing.

7 – Other than blocking someone, you can also report them by pressing 7. This is essential in case someone is infringing on your safety, privacy, or rights. You can also report an underage user.

8 – Get the caller’s location. If you find someone you have a strong connection with and you want to or see the possibility of a meetup, you can press 8 to get their location.

9 – Repeat message

*- Help. Press * when you want any assistance from the Masturline customer support team.

# – Re-record your greeting.

Is Masturline Safe?

Masturline will not disclose your data to other users. Any payment details you submit while purchasing a package remain confidential. The only way other users can know your personal information is if you tell them yourself.

Can I Meet People Off Masturline?

Yes, you can. You are free to meet up with anyone you meet at Masturline in case you want to take things to the next level. However, Masturline does not assume any responsibilities for personal meetings. This means that you should take care of yourself. You can avoid meeting anyone you are not comfortable with or organize meetups in public places to avoid putting yourself in unnecessary dangers.

What I don’t like about Masturline

Masturline is excellent for the most part, but there are various problems you should be aware of. First, the 5 seconds greeting time is very short. The website is also very shallow, with a lot of useless links. The site doesn’t even provide a highlight of what full Masturline membership has to offer. They can surely do better on this end.

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