Redhot Dateline Review 2019: Pro’s & Con’s of this chatline

What is Redhot Dateline?

When it comes to matters of sex, people are more likely to express themselves properly behind a mask than in person. This is obviously due to the fear of being judged. The fear of appearing like a misfit in today’s overly sensitive society. This is why most people’s fantasies remain just that; fantasies. And the worst part is that there are people who share similar fantasies, but you’ll never find out since no one can express themselves. But did you know there is a perfectly safe way of talking out your fantasies without the fear of being judged? A way you can connect with individuals with the same taste as yours? This is precisely what Redhot Dateline has been doing for almost three decades now.

Redhot Dateline has stood the storms of online dating sites to remain one of the best places to meet hot singles in your area and beyond. Who knew the old school telephone technology can still work like a charm in today’s insane dating scene? People have always thought that online dating sites are the way to go, but there are so many problems with these sites. Scrolling through dozens of profiles can be hectic. Texting can be very boring. All these are issues that you’ll never have to endure when you get onto the Redhot Dateline. In this chat line, you get to talk with the actual person you like. You can hear their voices. You can feel the energy and spark. You can’t get any of these from mere texts. Honestly, a live voice chat line is the next best thing from meeting in person, and this is what Redhot Dateline has been offering its users since 1990.

And that’s not even the best part! In Redhot Dateline, nothing is ever censored. The chat lines are filled with adults oozing of confidence and positive sexual energy. This creates the perfect atmosphere for uncensored expression. You are free to say whether you are looking for something serious or you’re all about having fun. You can decide whether you are looking for a sex hookup or you just want to flirt. You can get wild and talk about what turns you on. No one will judge you. No one will know your identity. And you’ll be shocked by the number of ladies who share the same fantasies as you do. You could then proceed to initiate a private connection and who knows; your fantasies could quickly turn into a reality. This is the magic of the anonymous and uncensored Redhot Dateline.

How Do I Join Redhot Dateline?

To join Redhot Dateline, get onto their website and request the local number for your area. Redhot Dateline is available in over 1300 cities, so your area is probably covered. If not, don’t worry because you can still use the chat line through the 1-800 number. Also, you don’t have to be limited to just your local area. I mean c’mon, Redhot Dateline is available in more than 1,300 cities so you can select a different area code and explore another city! The chat line is yours to conquer. Don’t forget to play by the rules, though, because of your safety and privacy matter just as much as the other callers. 

After receiving the appropriate number, the next step is getting your account set up. Call the number, and the voice prompt will guide you through the rest of the process, which usually involves selecting your gender, listening to the perks of membership, and agreeing that you are above 18 years old. After that, your account will be ready, and now you can finally join in on the fun.

Ladies don’t pay anything to use Redhot Dateline! Yes, you can explore your erotic side and let the deep voices from the men on Redhot vibrate your entire body for as long as you want without paying a thing! Call in at any time of the day and play with any guy you like for free. Get naughty all you want at any time without fear of judgments or anything like that. What more could you possibly want?

Fellas, you have to pay to use Redhot Dateline, but that’s after the free trial. All the new male users are given a free trial, which is usually a block of minutes, to explore Redhot Dateline before they have to pay. The trial doesn’t require any credit card details, so you don’t have to worry about an automatic deduction once the trial is over. Here is the thing though, the free trial is available on one number only. This is the number that you will use to activate your account, and it must not have been used on Redhot Dateline before.

After exhausting the free trial minutes, you’ll have to enroll in any of the following packages. These packages don’t just allow you to continue using the chat line, but they also come with additional benefits to give you the full Redhot Dateline experience.

  • 10 minutes – $4.99
  • 20 minutes (40 minutes for first time purchase) – $9.99
  • 60 minutes – $29.99

Note Redhot Dateline reserve the right to deactivate your account in case it remains inactive for more than 3 months. They also won’t issue refunds for any unused minutes.

You can buy the packages by calling the chat line, from the website or through their customer service team. The payments can be made through Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or PayPal. You can also pay cash via Western Union. You don’t have to worry about the safety and privacy of the payment as it is HTTPS encrypted and will only show up as “Teligence” on your credit card statement.

What are the Benefits of Redhot Dateline Membership?

All paid members of Redhot Dateline will enjoy the following exclusive benefits:

Priority Customer Service – Reach the customer support team right away without wasting any time in the queue.

Access from Any Phone – You’ll no longer be tied on a single phone, as is the case with the free trial minutes. As a member, you can use your home, work, or cell phone to keep the chats going.

Priority Messages – Your messages will always reach the hot singles first. This increases the chances of getting the woman of your dreams.

Speedy Renewal – Adding more minutes will almost be instantaneous.

Ad-free – With no distractions from sponsor ads, nothing can kill your vibe here.

Save Greeting – You’ll never have to re-record your greetings every time you are using the chat line.

Loyalty Program – Get bonus chat time and other rewards by staying loyal to Redhot Dateline.

Web Self-Service – You can check your account balance and add minutes conveniently from the online system.

How to Use Redhot Dateline

After setting up your account, the next step in using Redhot Dateline is recording your greeting. This is the greeting that ladies or the gents (depending on your gender) will listen to. Take your time and make the greeting great. Be confident and charming. Say what it is that you want. In case you are into the kinky naughty stuff, don’t hold yourself from expressing it on the greeting. Once done with the recording, you can start listening to greetings from the other users. You can then find a potential playmate and initiate contact to get things started.

Using Redhot Dateline afterward is very easy. It’s all a matter of navigating through the keypad and here is what each button does:

1 – Request Connection

2 – Send Message

3 – Skip to Next Greeting

4 – Add or Remove from Hot List

5 – Start Local Greetings

6 – Play Previous Greeting

7 – Block Caller

8 – Find the Location of a Caller

9 – Repeat Greeting

*-   Help

# – Exit

Is Redhot Dateline Safe?

Absolutely. No one will ever know your address, name, or phone number unless you give it to them. Otherwise, you will stay completely anonymous until such a time you decide to go out and meet in person. At that point, your safety is your responsibility.

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