Talk121 Review 2019: Is this chatline worth your money?

An overview of Talk121

Talk121 is one of the most popular chat lines in the U.S. The platform offers you an excellent opportunity to meet and chat up with some of the singles in your area who are also looking for an intimate connection.

What makes Talk121 superior to a majority of the other competing chat lines is its incredible infrastructure. You will never have to worry about privacy while using Talk121. The chat line is designed to ensure that the user’s data is never compromised. On top of all that, you can choose what information you put up on your profile. You can even decide not to put your personal data, and you’ll still get your account working. It’s also possible to not share your phone number. You could further decide to filter the callers that can reach you. In case you were talking to someone, and you see some red flags, or you lose interest in them, you can block them in an instant.

Secondly, Talk121 is available in the 45 major American cities. It also accommodates girls, guys, and transgender people. This doesn’t just keep things interesting, but it also increases your chances of finding the perfect person for you. What more could you possibly ask for?

Talk121 offers a free trial to all men. When you call for the first time, you’ll be given a block of minutes, like 10 minutes. You can use these minutes to send private messages and to respond to some of the messages. There are some limitations to the free trial, though. For one, you cannot use them for one-on-one live chat. You’ll need a subscription for that. Secondly, you must use all the minutes during the first call. You cannot call back to use any remaining minutes.

You should also know that the free trial does not exempt you from your carrier charges. You will still incur costs such as airtime or long distance depending on where you are calling from.

How Does Talk121 Work?

Upon signing up, you’ll first have to call the live chat with the local number of where you stay. After getting connected, you can proceed to record something about you and what you are expecting from the chat. One advantage of Talk121 over most other chat lines is that you can re-record your messages several times before sending them. This should make it much easier for you to come up with the perfect recording that describes you and your expectations of the person you are searching for. The recording helps in hooking you up with other singles traveling on the same wavelength that you are. Soon afterward, you’ll start receiving recordings of other singles. You can then decide who among them you want to talk to.

When you find someone you want to talk to, you’ll have the choice of doing so through a live chat or via a message. You can press 1 for live chat or 2 to send a message.

Blocking callers is as easy as pressing 5 after receiving a message. This will keep off the clingy callers or anyone who doesn’t seem to vibe with you.

Press 6 to revisit the list of callers suggested to you after making your recording.

Using Talk121 is really that simple. You’ll have everything mastered in no time. This should give you more time chatting up with the singles and meeting your soulmate.

Talk121 Packages

Talk121 is absolutely free to join for the ladies! You can talk for as long as you want whenever you want. Nothing is holding you back from finding your sweetheart.  For the guys, the plans start as low as $4.99. This subscribes you to a 10-minute package. At some point, 10 minutes will never be enough, though. Not when you’ve finally found someone you can’t stop talking to. In that case, you can subscribe to the 60-minutes package that goes for $10.00 or the 90-minutes block that’s going for $29.99. 

These charges are pretty decent when you compare them to the alternatives. You also cannot ignore the additional perks you get from Talk121, including the free 30-minutes trial, optimal privacy, and extensive coverage.

Other Key Features of Talk121

Talk 121 also offers free Chat lines for men. This allows the men to talk for as much as they want without paying a thing. You can also call as frequently as you’d wish without any extra charges. Women too can join these chat lines, but they’ll have to pay for membership.

Did you know that you can also make money from Talk 121? Other than finding someone that is in line with your erotic fantasies, you can also make some money from the chat line through referrals. You can refer your friends to Talk121 and earn some cash. You’ll get even more money if they decide to join.

This program is managed by ChatDollars. It doesn’t require any credit card details or other obligations, and hence, the conversion rate and commissions (for joining and renewing subscription) are significantly high.

Final Thoughts

Everything said and done, Talk121 is one of the best places to meet attractive singles. The chat line is super safe, giving you the option to remain completely anonymous in case you don’t want everyone to have access to your personal information. This privacy is also the perfect opportunity for everyone to talk about their fantasies and erotic sexuality without feeling shy or getting judged. It will actually help you get in touch with people sharing similar fantasies. Talk121 is definitely one of your best picks for meeting honest singles in your area.

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