Vibeline Review 2019: Should you call this chatline?

An introduction to Vibeline

Forget dating sites and all that, phone live chats are the most exciting way to meet and flirt with hot singles in your area and beyond. With phone chats, you don’t have to scroll down dozens of profiles trying to determine whether you are a match with certain people or not. Neither will you have to sit guessing how the person you are texting with sounds. Phone chats bring you into contact with the singles directly, allowing you to hear their voices, discuss different topics, flirt and if you are lucky, meet the love of your life. Vibeline is one such chat line, but just how good is it, and why should you consider signing up?

First, you should know that Vibeline is the oldest African American phone chat, and that should count for something. The chat line has been around since 1990! Over the years, it has advanced to adapt to the changing dating scene, and that’s why it remains one of the best places to hook up with gorgeous African Americans. Whether its safety, privacy, or anything else you can think of, Vibeline has you covered.

Vibeline also boasts of extensive coverage with a presence in over 1200 cities. You definitely have a high chance of meeting someone you connect with here than in your local pub. It also means that meeting someone who clicks with your sexual and relationship vibe is very likely. Whether it is someone in your area or another city, you certainly have lots of options to choose from. And you know what? All the people in these chat lines are real. Yes, when you call in, you get to talk and communicate with actual people that are seeking the same connection you are. Not hired phone representatives or anything like that. Don’t just take our word for it; you can try it today for yourself. 

How Do I join Vibeline?

Joining Vibeline is really simple. It shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes. For the ladies, joining Vibeline is completely free! Just visit the Vibeline website to get your local phone number. After getting the number, go ahead and call the number then select 2 for your gender, followed by 1 to start your free membership. The voice will then take you through some of the benefits of being a member of Vibeline. Note that you do not automatically become a member by just dialing the local number for the first time. You have to select to be a member – which is also free for the ladies – and this will be beneficial in so many ways as we are going to see in a bit. After that, you have to confirm that you are above 18 years old. Proceed to record a greeting that the hunk dudes can listen to.

Once you’re done, you can start listening to greetings from other guys. Take your time and listen to them to find one that you’ll probably be most compatible with. You can play the previous greeting or skip to the next one. The controls are on your fingertips. In case you come across a deep, confident, and intriguing voice that sparks something in you, you can repeat it for as long as you want and initiate a chat if you so wish. That’s the beauty with voice chats. You can actually listen to and chat with the fellas, and this can give you the vibe on whether someone is your type or not. You can’t get that from online profiles or endless text messages.

For the guys, joining and using Vibeline is just as easy. The key difference here is that men have to pay for Vibeline membership. The payment comes after enjoying a free trial, though. This no strings attached trial period allows you to discover and enjoy the power of Vibeline before you have to pay for membership. They won’t ask for your email address, credit card information or anything like that. Just go ahead and experience Vibeline first-hand before you decide to commit. For the free trials, you also need to use a single phone number.

There’s more good news awaiting you after exhausting the free trial minutes, and this is in the form of a double-minutes package that is offered to all new paid members. These are the packages available at the moment:

  • 10 minutes – $4.99
  • 30 minutes (60 minutes for new members)- $9.99
  • 120 minutes – $29.99

Payments can be made through Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, or cash via Western Union. How safe is it to transact with Vibeline? Very safe! All the data shared in the payment section is kept safe and private as it is encrypted with HTTPS, plus it will only show up as “Teligence” in your credit card information. It is never shared in the chat lines or anywhere else.

What Are the Benefits of Vibeline Membership?

What is it that Vibeline membership offers that you cannot get from the free version?

First, you’ll be able to access Vibeline from any phone. This means that the Vibeline fun will be accessible to you from virtually anywhere. It saves you the hassle of having to carry a single phone everywhere you go. Whether you are at home, in the office, or on transit, you can pick the closest phone and see whether the hottie you left a message has finally replied.

Paid members will also have priority access to customer service. No more staying on hold when you are trying to get an issue fixed.

The greetings from members are also saved. This means that you don’t have to record a greeting message every time you are calling in. Just dial and jump right into the action!

The greetings and messages of members are also prioritized. You’ll be riding on the fast lane here, which is just what you want when you can’t seem to get enough of someone.

Vibeline has a loyalty program that rewards users with different rewards, including bonus chat time. All paid members are automatically enrolled in the program.

Members can also use the online system to manage their accounts. This allows you to check your balance as well as adding more minutes.

Vibeline chat lines for the members are also exempted from sponsor ads. This means zero-distractions as you are exploring your fantasies with a wild African-American single.

Vibeline Keypad Guide

The following keypad guide will make your Vibeline experience more effortless. Just press any of the keypads during the call for the appropriate action:

1 – Request connection

2 – Send a message

3 – Skip to next greeting

4 – Add/remove from hotlist

5 – listen to greetings from your local are

6 – Play previous greeting

7 – Block caller. Press it twice to flag their account

8 – Check the location of the caller

9 – Repeat a greeting

*- Help

#- Exit

Is Vibeline Safe?

Vibeline is completely safe. There is no way any users on the chat line can access your personal details unless you willingly share it out. This is excellent news in various ways because, other than guaranteeing safety, it also offers complete anonymity. Now, imagine how expressive you could be without any fear of being judged since no one knows your real identity? This is your cue to take down the mask, be yourself, and confidently express your fantasies. The beauty with Vibeline is that you can move all this to the next level by requesting a private connection. Don’t hold yourself back from discussing what you like or how you like it be it a flirtation, love, or just some kinky fun. The only thing limiting you here is your own imagination. Otherwise, just keep it real and play by the rules.

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