What’s your kink? Oh come on, I know you must have one. Everyone does. Even hermits and nuns who spend their entire lives locked away in solitude have kinks and fantasies.

I always used to be ashamed of my sexual fantasies. Every time I found my mind wandering to sexual thoughts, I would give myself a little lecture. For a short time, I got into the habit of seeking forgiveness. I used to pray, go to church, read books on self-control. What a waste of time all that was!

I’ve learned, through fortunate experience, that sexual kinks, fetishes and unusual desires are not negative. As long as they don’t involve hurting anyone else and they don’t become an addiction, then there is no reason why you can’t explore a world of pleasure. And I know because I did.

It all started a year ago when I split from my husband. It was completely amicable, and we have no children, so there were few regrets and very little guilt. He went his way and I went mine. Sure, after seven years together, it took some adjustment. There were days when I would wake up in our big empty bed, in the house that had once been ours but that was now mine and wonder whether we’d done the right thing. What was I going to do with myself?

girls drinking coffee

I actually asked that question when I was having a coffee one morning with Alison.

“Are you crazy?” she asked. Alison was married, fairly unhappily. In fact, our early friendship was based on complaining about our husbands and fantasizing about what it would be like to be free.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, you have everything that you could want. You have your own home, you’re young, you’re attractive, get out there. Have some fun! Do the things that you always wanted to do but couldn’t when he was around. Live a little!

I laughed off her comments, but they had stirred something in my mind. I knew she’d hit on an important truth. There were things I wanted to do, secret things. I had years of fantasies and fetishes to explore. And there was one in particular that I wanted to try.

But where to start? After spending an evening trawling the internet, I came across a site that offered that was designed to bring together people with particular fantasies for mutual enjoyment. The idea seemed pretty seedy, but as I scrolled through the site, I found myself getting more and more aroused at the thought of fulfilling one of my oldest fantasies.


With Alison’s advice in my head, I decided to take the plunge. I registered a profile, gave myself a fake name, and uploaded a photo. It was a year old, and I had taken it for my husband, in one of our failed attempts to restart our relationship. I blushed as I saw it on screen. I mean, it was kind of slutty. I was kneeling on the bed, just wearing a flimsy black lace negligee and nothing else. My hair was up, my breasts were practically on display and I looked, well, kind of hot, actually.

The replies started appearing in my inbox within seconds. In five minutes, I had a hundred replies. Some of them just had photos of erect cocks, and most of them were semi-literate. But after clicking through dozens of messages, I came across one that made my body flush and tingle. It was accompanied by a picture of a fit, well-dressed man, around my age. His message was polite, but firm, and he told me that he wanted to know what my fantasy was.

Without thinking it through, I told him. I wanted to fuck outdoors. I waited, my heart thumping, for several minutes, clicking on refresh. Had I frightened him off? Then my inbox pinged. His reply was simply, but it made my heart race.

‘That can be arranged.’


A week later I sat in the passenger seat of a luxury car, feeling incredibly nervous as I sped through the dark. I was wearing what he had asked me to wear: a short black dress, stockings, heels, no panties or bra, and, feeling daring, I had crossed my legs so that most of my thighs were visible. As we drove, he said little, but from time to time, he put his hand on my leg, and every time he did, it made me tingle all over. He was even more handsome than he had appeared in his photo, and his voice, deep and confident and reassuring, made me feel so safe and desirable. I was already deeply under his spell. Part of me wondered whether this was such a good idea, but there was no backing out now. We were heading into the country and I was completely at his mercy.

We pulled into a narrow lane and parked in front of an old iron gate that blocked the path into a forest. It was a warm evening, and still light, though there seemed to be no-one about. I had driven past that forest myself a few times, but had never imagined that one day a strange, handsome man would be leading me into it, to fulfil a deep and powerful fantasy.

He got out of the car, walked around to my side and opened the door, offering me his hand. I couldn’t help flashing most of my thighs as I climbed out of the car, and my heels sank a little into the mud of the path, but he held my hand tightly and led me through the gate, and into the dark.

A little way along the path, still in sight of the road, he stopped me, turned me round, leaned in and kissed me. I felt my last scraps of resistance melt away as his lips pressed against mine and my body softened at his touch. His strong hands were on my neck, and then slid down my back, unfastening my dress and as he pulled away, I gasped as my dress slid down my body into a pool of black at my feet. I was practically naked on the edge of a forest. Anyone who drove by would see me!

couple having outdoor sex

But I didn’t have time to think about it, because his hands were on my shoulders, pushing me down onto the floor. I obeyed, sinking to my knees, feeling the dirt of the forest path against my stockings, spreading my legs like a slut, not caring that anyone walking up that path would see my bare pussy on show. As I knelt there, my hands on his thighs, his unfastened his trousers and unleashed the biggest cock that I had ever seen. I actually gasped when I saw it!

I got over my shock quickly, and eagerly grasped his throbbing shaft, guiding it into my mouth. It was so thick; it made my cheeks bulge! The taste of it, the sensations it produced deep in my body, and the feeling as he pushed it to the back of my throat were incredible. I grabbed the shaft and began to stroke him as I sucked and licked and kissed every inch of that amazing cock. I could hear him gasping and sighing with pleasure and that just spurred me on to take more of it into my mouth.

Suddenly, he pulled out and I sighed with longing for it. But I soon had something else to think about. In a strong, masterly voice, he told me to get on my knees. I did as I was told, lifting my ass up in the air, on my knees, outside, where anyone could see me. It was so wrong. But I didn’t care.

I yelped as I felt him grab my hips hard. A second later, I squealed in pain and pleasure as I felt the head of that incredible cock press into my wet pussy. I screamed as he pushed, opening me up, and forcing his throbbing erection deep, deep into me. I could barely take it; he was so big. Immediately he began to fuck me hard, without mercy, without tenderness and I loved it. I wanted it. I wanted him to fuck me like we were wild animals, pounding my pussy in the forest. As he ravaged me, and as our orgasms built to a frenzy, I squealed out, closing my eyes, yelling into the night sky,

“Oh fuck yes! Fuck me! Oh yes I want it! Fuck me! FUCK ME!”

* * * *

We drove home, through the night, my head on his shoulder, his hand resting on my bare thigh, exposed by a tear in my stockings. At my house, he walked me to my door, kissed me and then left. In a daze, I wandered into my bedroom and flopped onto the bed. My mind was alive with the sensations, the sounds, the smells, the intensity of what had happened to me that night. It was wonderful. And best of all, I knew that it was just the beginning of a life of sexual adventure.

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