I’m really happy I found this site. I want to be able to share with all you readers out there my college sex story. I can’t tell anyone at my college. If they found out what a naughty girl I was, they might ask me to leave! I am really horny all day long. It’s because I wear tight panties that rub against my clit so that I’m in a permanent state of arousal. You wouldn’t think this if you saw me sitting sedately at my desk. I’ve learned to hide the fact that I’m always thinking about fucking from people because they wouldn’t understand. It’s my dirty little secret that I only share with those special people who I allow to get intimate with me. I love to see the surprise on their faces when they stick their fingers into my snatch and find it to be soaking wet.


I sometimes have to run into the girl’s locker room toilets and finger myself into a quick, silent orgasm if I get too turned on. I like to sit at my desk during class and slowly rub my thighs together. This makes my clit all hard and excited. I can’t help myself from secretly grinding my ass deep into my chair and making it wet with pussy juice. I get so excited doing this that sometimes I can’t help but slide my fingers into my panties under the desk, and tweak my clit until I cum off. My lecturers can see me moving gently in my seat and biting my lower lip, but they don’t know what I’m really doing.

During my second semester, I was sitting at the back row as far away from everyone as I could get when my lecturer asked me a question about something. Because he was a new, young lecturer, I hadn’t been paying much attention in class. Instead, I had been imagining what he looked like naked underneath his buttoned-up shirt and tie. When I said I didn’t know the answer, the lecturer said that I must see him after class in his study. I was curious to find out what way he would be punishing me.


When everyone else in the class had left, the lecturer sternly showed me to his study office at the back of the classroom. I watched as he locked the door and sat down behind the big desk in front of me. He left me standing there and looked at me seriously as I gazed down at him. He said that he had noticed that I had been grinding my ass on my chair during his class and biting my lower lip. He said that he knew what this meant. And he wanted to know why I was so sexually aroused in his class and whether I had managed to actually cum while he had been talking.

I knew I was busted, but I was actually very turned on. My lecturer was obviously a man who knew all the signs that a woman makes when she is horny as hell. I wanted to see what he would do or say when I told him the truth. But I didn’t just want to tell him, I wanted to show him as well. I moved around to the side of the desk where he was sitting and lifted up my skirt. I showed him and told him how tight the string of my panties was and how it rubbed against my clit all day. I showed him how the strip of lace rubbed against my clit and because I was completely shaven down there, it was continuously tweaking my clit and making me excited. I pulled the lace part of my panties to the side and showed him my hard, exposed clit. It was already hot and glistening with excitement, and I couldn’t help but touch it gently with my finger and I stood in front of him.

My gorgeous lecturer didn’t say anything. He just sat in his chair watching me as I fingered my pussy. I could see his cock stiffen in his trousers. It poked out of the top of his belt, and I could see that he already had pre-cum leaking out of his knob hole. I continued to stand in front of him, rubbing my clit and opening my legs wider so that I could stick all my fingers into my wet pussy. When I took my fingers out, they were all covered in sticky juice.

My knees were weak from suppressed desire so I went and sat on the desk in front of him. I placed my legs on either side of chair and pulled the lace of my panties aside so that he could see my plump, naked pussy. He unzipped his trousers and pulled out his enormous, hard cock. He stood up and began to rub his big cock knob all over my quivering quim. I leaned back on the desk and wrapped my legs around him as he slowly shoved his cock shaft into my hot, tight cunny. He was so gentle because we were both excited and wanting to cum immediately. He was experienced enough to know that if he pumped my love hole fast and strong, I would be cumming all too soon. I tilted my head back and closed my eyes so I could concentrate on feeling all of his girth and length swell inside my twat. He grabbed my ass and pulled me closer to the edge of the desk as I rocked my mound against his fullness.


When he felt that my tight, wet pussy was going to make him cum off, he pulled out his cock and knelt down on the carpet. He began to dart his tongue in and out of my wet snatch and then flick my clit with the tip of his tongue. I went crazy with excitement. I had never had such an experienced lover fuck me so well before. I couldn’t help it and started to cum long and hard as he buried his tongue deep inside my wet hole. When I had finished moaning softly and rocking my quim over his face, he got up and turned me around. I was now bent over his desk like a blow-up doll. My sexy lecturer ripped off my panties and stuck his big cock into my cunny roughly. He fucked me fast and hard. I was so turned on by the fact that he had taken control and was using me as a willing sex slave.

The rhythm of his strokes was making my entire body get hot and eager with anticipation. I was desperate to feel his warm, sticky cum squirt up into my ready pussy hole. Just as I was starting to finger my clit in preparation for another orgasm, he pulled his cock out of my quim and turned me over. Now it was time for my big, creamy breasts to get some attention. He unbuttoned my blouse and pushed my huge titties out of the lacy bra I was wearing underneath. He began sucking my pink nipples while he kept his cock going with his hand. He wanted to show me who’s boss before he came. He lifted me up off his desk by grabbing my ass, and then he lowered me onto the carpet.

I was so hot and excited now. It was as though my entire body was rushing towards an orgasm and my mind was along for the ride. He straddled me as I lay there on the rug, and stuck his cock into my mouth. I love the taste and smell of freshly fucked cock. I sucked it hungrily, really trying to shove as much of his shaft down my throat as I could. He watched as I made a meal of his hard prick, and got a good rhythm going as he popped his knob in and out of my greedy lips. I grabbed his shaft with my hands and pumped his hardness in long, steady strokes. But my hot college lecturer didn’t plan on cumming off in my mouth.

He whipped his prick away from my tongue and sat further down onto my hips. He proceeded to push my big breasts together and tit fuck me. It was really hot watching his long, hard cock shove in between my tits as they wrapped themselves around his shaft. His strokes became harder and faster as he jerked himself towards a massive orgasm. I could see his knob hole begin to leak his spunk, and then finally burst into a jet of white, sticky cum all over my tits and neck. It was my first tit fuck and my first pearl necklace. My pussy was ripe for more fucking, and we carried on banging each other in his office study for many more hours. Now whenever I get horny at college, I knock on his door for more college sex fun.

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