My boyfriend and I love to splurge on an exotic holiday at least once a year. It gives us time to spend the day in bed if we want to, with room service to bring us anything we desire. My idea of the perfect holiday is to stay indoors naked all day and have sex on every piece of furniture in our suite. On our most recent vacation, the hotel had a rule that housekeeping had to come in every day to clean the room. This meant that my boyfriend and I had to amuse ourselves for a few hours in the afternoon outside our hotel suite. It turns out that this was the best thing we could have ever decided to do, and I want to tell you all about it.

Our luxury resort was right on the beach. I could tie a transparent sarong around my bikini, walk out the sliding glass doors, and be on the golden sands in a few seconds. My boyfriend didn’t even bother with a t-shirt, he would just shrug on a pair of shorts and step out. It was a delicious feeling of freedom walking along the beach running next to our resort for miles. We turned right and strolled down the beach that way on our first time out. It was when we turned left on our second day’s walk that things began to get interesting.


After about thirty minutes of splashing in the warm waves and digging our toes into the sand, we came to an area of beach that was hidden behind sand dunes. Palm trees and tall grasses grew along the dunes as if to protect something. We climbed up and over the dunes to see what was on the other side.

Dozens of people were behind the dunes in this protected beach. The beach looked private but it definitely invited everyone to come on down and join the sunbathing activities. The only thing needed to be was to take off our clothes because we had found a nudist beach. There was a signpost with the beach rules printed up for everyone to read. It stated that this beach was protected from any outside viewing, it was strictly adults-only, no clothes of any kind, and consenting adults could do anything they liked. I felt as though I had found my own personal ideal of heaven.

My boyfriend and I had brought towels with us so we were more than happy to run down to the middle of the beach and lay out our beach gear. I unwrapped my sarong and laid it next to my towel for an extra layer of protection against the sand. My boyfriend only had to take off his shorts because he was totally naked underneath. I tossed my bikini aside and laid down beside him.

I was eager to show off to the beachgoers that I had spent the previous day at the hotel spa having my bush completely waxed off. The beauty technician had smoothed out every part of my outer and inner labial folds, and even the few hairs that grew close to my asshole. This meant that my clit piercing could be seen sticking out of my soft, pink mound. It’s a circlet of gold with a pendant attached to it that really makes me wet and horny. My boyfriend loves to delicately lick the pendant from side to side when he goes down on me, and it drives me wild.

Because this beach is isolated from passersby, it provided certain services that the beachgoers needed. After five minutes, a young girl who couldn’t have been older than twenty years came by to offer us sunscreen spray. We didn’t have to buy it, she was paid by the beach committee to ensure everyone was protected from the sun. She did this by volunteering to rub sunscreen lotion all over our bodies. I asked her to do my boyfriend first.


She started to massage sunscreen oil over his back and then gradually moved further down to his ass crack. She positioned herself behind him so that her hands were rubbing his chest, back, and thighs in a steady, rhythmic stroke. I could see his cock begin to twitch and stiffen as the oil was spread to his groin and inner thigh. He had his eyes closed and occasionally he would make a soft groan of pleasure. The sunscreen girl was passionate about her job. She made sure that my boyfriend’s cock and balls wouldn’t burn in the sun. She got up from her seated position behind him and moved to be in front. As she sat down, my boyfriend got a good look at her shaven bush strip, pouting pussy lips, and the pale nipples on her small, pert breasts. She continued to stroke oil onto his cock shaft that jumped like an electric shock every time she touched it. Her hands gently cupped the ball sack and tugged it to make sure the sunscreen oil had gotten behind and around.

Then it was my turn to be slathered in oil. The sunscreen application girl really knew how to do a thorough job. She rubbed lotion all over my limbs and back, and then moved onto my ass and pussy. She was so keen to massage the slit between my asshole and snatch that she must’ve accidentally pushed too hard because next thing I knew, her fingers had slid inside me. She probed my hot spot with her fingers and found me to be absolutely dripping wet. The juice was so ready to lube my sweet spot that it was running down and making my asshole wet as well. I was really turned on after watching her stroke my boyfriend and get him hard.

My boyfriend was watching me get the treatment now. He has his cock in his hand while propping himself up on the other shoulder, turned towards me and sunscreen girl. He was stroking his knob and pre-cum was leaking out of his cock hole. It was so hard for me to concentrate on not screaming out in excitement while the girl fingered my wet love hole. She was just about to tip me over into the point of cumming when she stopped her fingering and stroking my clit, and slowly walked away carrying her bottle of sunscreen oil.

I was moaning softly as my pre-orgasm muscle contractions began to subside. My clit was still standing out at full-engorgement but I was somehow able to catch my breath. My boyfriend stopped stroking his rampant cock and moved to take the place of where the sunscreen girl had been beside me. He wasn’t even aware of the people who were watching us. He concentrated on staring at my oiled, tanned skin, erect heaving nipples, and grinding hips.

With no words said between us and only reading each other’s desperate sexual body language, we both knew that we wouldn’t be able to walk or focus until we had cum. He began to suck and kiss my glistening pussy lips as I flung my head back and closed my eyes. He knows how fast I cum if he goes down on me for too long, so he kept moving his mouth to lick my inner thighs with quick, darting flicks of his tongue. Then my boyfriend brought his head up to caress my nipples and kiss my mouth. I moved to bring my body and face alongside his own and grabbed his cock with my oiled hands. I started slow, steady stroking of his shaft and then massaged his cock-knob with my fingertips. My hips began to grind in preparation to receive his throbbing, rock-hard cock into my eager quim.


I was vaguely aware of some couples around us watching us. There was a muscular man in his forties kneading his knob, and another young couple next to the sand dunes watching what we were doing while masturbating each other. It only made me wetter and more excited. I thrust my hips towards my boyfriend’s cock, and he penetrated my luscious pussy. Every part of my body was filled with the sensation of sexual fire the minute my pussy was full of cock. Nothing could stop me from urging my wet hole into a rhythm of urgent strokes along his long, hard cock shaft. I dug my fingertips into his back as he pounded his rampant member into my succulent snatch. My moaning began to mount into louder pleas of harder, faster, more, more, more.

I could feel that my man was about to spurt his cum juice into my pussy so I whipped it away and rubbed his knob on top of my clit. My wetness squirted out and dripped down to my asshole, making my slit wet, hot, and inviting. After bouncing his cock on top of my clitty for a minute or two, I curled out from underneath my boyfriend and climbed on top of him. Riding a man on top drives my clit into a frenzy and I was soon jogging on top of his thrusting cock, with my large, creamy breasts swaying up and down. I leaned over my man’s face so that he could suckle at my beautiful big breasts while he crammed his cock into my pussy. I started to finger my clit and spread my pussy lips apart so that the men watching could see it pulsing. The muscular man in his forties suddenly gasped with excitement at seeing my pierced, pulsating clit and he came in a huge spurt all over the sand. The sight of his white cum juice made my pre-cum muscle contractions start deep inside of me. I bounced faster and faster on top of my boyfriend’s shaft as I began to come off long and intense. When he felt my pussy walls grip his cock shaft and then subside after I had finished cumming, my boyfriend slipped his cock out of my quim, and came hard and fast over my big breasts with their large, erect nipples.

The couple watching us from the sand dunes saw my boyfriend cum over my tits and began to full-on fuck each other doggystyle. They had their own bottle of sunscreen oil and the guy poured some out onto his hands, rubbed it onto his partner’s ass and stuck his cock knob into her asshole. The tightness must’ve gripped his cock really hard because he immediately pulled out and came over the girl’s back. She was bent over fingering her clit and moaning softly as she came as well.

This was our first experience of nudist beach sex and from now on we will make sure to cum here every year.

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