I have amazing memories about the first time I had anal sex. It was one of the most erotic experiences of my life, so good that I became a big fan of anything anal. I want to tell you about it because if you want to expand your sexual pleasures and try something new, you should really give anal sex a chance. Do you want to know about how to have guaranteed a good time with your first time anal sex experiments? Just carry on reading about my encounter with the first time anal sex king. He brought my sexual fantasies about bottying to reality in the best way.

We call anal sex bottying where I come from because it’s so popular. Many young women in my old neighborhood used to offer their behinds for a bit of cock grinding action because it kept their boyfriends happy and loyal. But I never had a boyfriend in my early twenties. I was too busy climbing the corporate ladder. I didn’t even know what I was missing out on because I didn’t have time for sex at all.

One night, I woke up at about midnight and realized my clit was throbbing under the cool linen sheets. I had to spread my legs wide open because if I crossed them, my entire pussy area felt as though it was on fire. My nipples were erect, and whenever the material of my transparent cotton camisole brushed against them my body would almost convulse with shudders of desire. There was nothing I could do except rip off my lacy knickers and touch myself. It was as though my whole body was panting for an orgasm and I was a slave to its desire. In a few minutes, the light fingering and stroking I was doing to my clit made me cum off. I live in an upmarket apartment with solid walls, but my screams of ecstasy were enough to make my next-door neighbor turn on the lights to see what was making the noise. I lay there in my bed, smiling to myself and realizing I needed to find myself a man.


The following evening, instead of hitting the gym after work, I went home and put on my sexiest outfit. I wanted every man who looked at me to know that I was trolling for cock. The tiny mini skirt I wore showed off my long, slim legs and every time I tilted slightly forward, the lower part of my cheeky ass cheeks could be glimpsed. My ass is one of my best features. It’s tight and round with cute little dimples dotted around the curves. Whenever I visit my beauty technician, I ask her to wax off all my pussy hair, and she really does a good job by smoothing the warm wax all over my crack and taking off every scrap of hair down there.

I had showered, perfumed, and powdered my muff so that every fold and groove was ready for action. When I walked to the cab and gave the driver the address of my favorite bar, I could feel my pussy become enflamed with heat, so much so that I could hardly rub my thighs together as I walked. I sat on the edge of the car seat, my fingers digging into my knee caps as I arrived at the bar.

Why I like this bar so much is because it attracts the kind of men I fantasize about: Mature, successful, and sophisticated. I sat down at the bar and ordered a drink. As the barman brought it to me, he mentioned that I didn’t have to pay because the man across the room had asked for it to be put onto his tab. I looked over and saw a really suave-looking older gent smiling at me invitingly. I got up and went to sit next to him. We were soon laughing and joking together like old friends. He asked me whether I had any plans for the evening, and I simply replied: Yes – You! He said my place or yours? And we got up, hopped into a cab, and came back to my apartment.

I love to have sex in my own home. I have all my dildos and lubes there beside my bed where I can grab them whenever the urge comes over me. I hadn’t opened my bedside table to use them for a long time but tonight that was going to change.


I had never experienced sex with a man in his late forties before, but even with our twenty-year age gap I knew that I was in the hands of an expert sex teacher. He asked my permission to enter my bedroom and once we were in there, he began to slowly unzip my dress and slide it off my body. I was now standing in my tiny lace panties in front of him. He sat on my bed and gazed at my body, his eyes slowly moving from my white rounded breasts to my taut stomach and finally, to my soft snatch mound. I have a little clit that really needs to be teased and played with before it pokes out from between my plump pussy lips. But my fat quim lips were already engorged and all he needed to do to bring my clit out to play was stick his fingers into the folds and rub gently until my clitty was fat and juicy.

My knees were weak with lust, and I moved to lay down on my bed. The guy quickly removed his clothes and joined me there. I liked what I saw when he was naked and prepared myself for a night of solid fucking and sucking. I moved down the sheets and began to lick and suck his throbbing cock knob. His shaft was rock hard in my grasp and it jerked every time I wrapped my mouth around it and whipped my tongue around the rim. I stopped sucking before he shot his load into my mouth and began to kiss and suck his nipples and throat. He just lay there and took whatever I had to give. I carried on pinching his nipples as I rubbed my wet crotch on his thigh.

Feeling his rampant cock and big ball sack with my hand, I realized I wanted that fat tool deep inside my wet pussy so that I could cum all over it. I grabbed a condom, placed the rubber in my mouth, and rolled it over his knob using my tongue. I quickly straddled him and shoved his rock hard shaft deep inside me. He gently pressed my nipples as I rode his cock like a real cowgirl. It didn’t take long before my pussy muscles began to grip his cock with pre-cum spasms and I rocked harder and faster until my orgasm reached such strength I could hardly breath. I moaned and gasped until my shuddering cum slowed down. I then lay beside him with my chest heaving and a smile on my face.


I was so happy he had made me cum that I said I would do absolutely anything to make it good for him as well. He said that bottying and anal sex had always been his favorite way to cum off. I was curious to see how anal sex would make me feel, so I told him he could do anything to my ass he wanted. He grabbed my lube from the table and began to gently massage it onto my ass crack, gradually moving his fingers in deeper every time. I wasn’t even aware of my legs opening wider and my ass crack grinding onto his fingers as it seemed to invite him to open up that tightness.

I rolled over onto my stomach, and he placed two pillows under my hips to elevate my ass. He continued to softly insert his lubed up fingers into my asshole, gently widening the opening and easing the muscles to relax. He would occasionally flick and rub my clit with his thumb and that made me catch my breath as my body got ready for another cum. I was already panting for more cock action and couldn’t stop my hips from grinding his fingers deeper into my asshole. The next thing I knew, he was licking my pink, tight asshole, and rimming the entire crack with his mouth. He pried open my crack, and really stuck his face in there, giving my asshole the business with his tongue.

When my asshole was nice and relaxed, he began rubbing his knob into the crack and pushing it slightly into the pucker. I could feel my asshole blossom open like a flower and he was able to penetrate me a little deeper with each thrust. My asshole muscles would grip his knob, wrap itself around the cock-head, and then release it with a tiny pop. If he hadn’t been wearing a condom, the sensation would’ve been too intense and he would’ve shot his load all over my back. The slow penetration of the cock deeper and deeper into my asshole made my entire groin explode with heat.

My older man really knew what he was doing when it came to anal sex. When he could no longer hold back his orgasm, he lifted me into doggystyle and began to pound away fast and hard into my tight, wet asshole. I was moaning softly and fingering my clit. My asshole must’ve been really tight because he was soon panting and thrusting more and more. I could feel my clit begin to cum off and I tweaked and pulled at it until I was screaming with strong cum shudders. This was too much for my ass fucking sex partner, and he pulled out of my asshole, whipped off the condom and came all over my back in a jet of white cum juice.

We rolled over and lay there panting. When I could talk, I turned to him and said if we could please do it again. I’ve been an anal sex fuck friend ever since then.

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