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I had Rough Anal Sex For The First Time

Why I love Rough Anal Sex From Now On

If you are a regular reader of my naughty little sexcapade stories, you will know that I am a big fan of all things to do with rimming, butt play, and anal sex. My beside table has inside it two or three packets of anal beads and lots of lube. I make sure that my butthole is always smooth and pink from frequent waxing and bleaching so that when I meet a partner who likes to indulge in some anal action, they can dive straight in.

I have a beautiful apple-shaped ass, high and pert with voluptuous butt cheeks and soft curves. My ass is firm yet bouncy. My male admirers all say that the way my ass and hips move is hypnotizingly sexy. I love to go to the clubs and bars in town and twerk seductively on the dancefloor. It was here that I met a guy who gave me my first rough anal sex experience.

I always hit the dancefloor in a short, tight mini dress with nothing underneath except some lace panties. The night I met my anal expert, I was shaking my ass to the latest music hits and really having a good time. I like to go to clubs and bars on my own so that when I meet someone who I want to f*ck, I can leave and go to my place without having to explain what I’m doing to anyone.

We started dancing

When I was dancing, I felt someone come up behind me and grab me around my waist. I turned my head around and found a gorgeous man with strong arms and tight torso smiling down at me as he swayed with me in time to the music. We bopped together for a few songs, leaning close to each other as we asked and answered questions and flirted. I found out his name was Marius, and that he was visiting the club because his friend had told him the girls who came here were really hot.

I laughed when I heard that because I could see that Marius thought I was totally hot and wanted to get to know me much more intimately. I suggested we leave to go to a place where we could talk without interruption, and when we walked out to the taxi stand, I gave the driver my home address. The next thing Marius knew, we were walking up the stairs to my apartment and I was opening my door for him to come in. I didn’t know it then but I would be opening my backdoor for him too, because Marius was a rough anal sex expert.

I asked Marius if he wanted to have a shower and we moved to go and sit in my bedroom. He smiled and said that he would have a shower but preferred it if I didn’t because the smell of a sweaty booty crack made him really horny. When he said this, he drew me closer to him on the bed and began to kiss me deeply with his lips pressed close to mine. I laid back on the bed and was swept away by the feelings of pleasure and excitement that began to flood my body. I started to pant in anticipation as he moved his hands down my body, stroking my breasts, nipples, and in between my thighs.

We ended up in the shower

Before things could get too spicy, he got up and went to my en-suite bathroom to shower. I took this time to strip off my dress and panties, light a few candles, and turn on some slow, erotic music. When he came out the bathroom, I was laying naked on the bed in the candlelight, my hair flowing out around my shoulders, and a thin sheen of oil massaged over my body. He breathed in quickly as the full power of my seduction overwhelmed his senses.

He was fully naked, slightly damp from the shower, and his semi-erect cock was hanging down halfway to his knees. His prick was huge, and I wondered if my pussy was going to be able to handle all of it. When he joined me on the bed, I moved to get closer to my bedside table in case I needed any of my sex toys inside it. Marius took this as a sign to take control of the situation. He grabbed my hips, pulled my pussy towards his face, and began to bury his lips deep into my entire lovehole. He lightly licked my clit, tweaking it back and forth with his tongue. Then he moved his face down to my pussy hole, tonguing the tight entrance to my quim and shoving it deep into my wet, dark cunny. Then he went further down and rimmed my butthole. His tongue forcefully pushed itself into my tight, pink sphincter and could hear him inhaling the smell of my sweaty crack deeply. He ate out my ass like a real pro, sometimes he would tickle the asshole pinkness with his tongue, sometimes he would stick in his fingers and rub the hole after spitting on it, and sometimes he would spread my ass cheeks wide and bang his hard cock knob on entrance to my backdoor. I loved it and was moaning in ecstasy as he gave my butthole the business.

Before things got too carried away, we stopped for a minute to move higher up the bed so that I could rest my head on the pillows. I knew I looked hot and sexy as anything with my heaving breasts and long hair covering the pillows. I began fingering my clit, and then gradually stuck one, then two, then my whole hand inside my wet pussy. It made a sucking noise as my pussy lips gripped my fingers and the wet juices dripped out of my hole. Marius lay beside me and watched. He was stroking his hard cock with one hand and his knob would jerk whenever he touched it.

Just as I realized all this clit play was going to make me cum, he climbed on top of me and stuck his throbbing cock shaft into my eager wet pussy. It was so big and wide that my quim was completely full, and his balls weren’t even banging against my butt yet. When my twat felt his hardness sliding inside it, I started to cum off all over his cock and balls. My wetness couldn’t even squirt out because my pussy lips were so tightly wrapped around his shaft. After my shuddering orgasm had finished, I lay there, panting underneath him and he didn’t move so that he didn’t accidentally cum as well.

I loved how he dominated me

Afterwards, I turned to my big cock sex partner and invited him to do anything to me that he wanted to do. I like to show my appreciation after a sex master has made me cum off, by becoming their sex slave. He said that rough anal sex turns him on, but because of his big cock he doesn’t get many offers to indulge in his favorite sex play. He said that he doesn’t like to open up a girl’s asshole with toys or fingers before he sticks his big cock in there because it feels tighter when it’s taken by surprise.

 I had always opened up my butthole with lube, dildos, and fingers before allowing a cock to penetrate it. But I had promised to be his sex slave so I said he could fuck my ass anyway he wanted to. He turned me over onto my hands and knees and grasped me around the waist to hold me up into doggystyle. He didn’t stick his cock into my ass immediately, instead he began to softly caress my nipples. Then he moved his hand around my hips and started to massage my clit. I couldn’t help it, my hips started to circle around and against his fingers, and my body began to desire another orgasm. When he felt me getting excited, he snatched his fingers away and spanked me lightly and sharply on the butt. The stinging sensation only made my clit harder.

I pushed back onto him with my butt, trying to get his cock to penetrate my pussyhole. He spread my ass cheeks as wide as they would go and spit onto my asshole. Then he rubbed it once and shoved his cock knob into my asshole with a pop. My body went into shock as it absorbed the sudden pressure of the full girth of his cock shaft. He spanked my buttcheek hard and my body began to get off on the pain and pleasure at the same time. I moaned as he slowly began to push in the whole of his cock length into my butthole. My asshole gripped his hard member as it glided into the depths of my ass. He buried his entire cock into my rosy tatti hole, and I could feel his balls banging against my clit as he thrust his shaft in and out my ass.

I had never had rough anal before and the feeling of naughty bottom slapping and my asshole split wide open made me really horny. His balls banging against my clit started to make my body build up for another cum. I started to finger my clit and pull it as my ass knocked faster and faster against his cock. I could feel that he wanted to shoot his load deep into my asshole. He gave my butt the occasional slap as he pumped my tatti with his big cock. My clit started to pulse with pleasure and I came off with a small scream.

This was what made my rough anal master start to cum off. He pulled his cock shaft out my tight asshole and came all over my back in big, juicy white squirts. He was totally spent and collapsed onto the bed panting. My ass cheeks were all red and hot from all the spanks he gave me. I went to the shower to wash and cool off, while Marius lay on the bed. I hoped that he would be ready for round two by the time I got back from washing.

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